What Lies Ahead For Clay County In 2021

What Lies Ahead For Clay County In 2021

It is time to raise a glass and welcome another new year. As people finally say goodbye to the most disastrous year yet, significant relief can be found in knowing that 2021 will undoubtedly bring a greater sense of prosperity and well being. After all, it is almost impossible to imagine this year getting any worse than last year. It is very tempting to be looking forward to hitting the reset button because there are so many positive things on our horizon, a few of which are listed below.

Clay County

The Will To Live

Sorry for stating the obvious, but first and foremost, it’s not 2020. That, in itself, should give enough reason to be optimistic. The people were dealt a worldwide pandemic, went through the ugliest political season of recent history, and were reminded of social injustices. Yet, even after all that, we still managed to find a way to work as a community to make sure that needy children had toys and food for Christmas and reconnected with friends and family. We even checked on our neighbours, refusing to let all the discord of 2020 define us.

Pfizer and Moderna

Scientists have actually been working on the basics of the COVID-19 vaccine ever since the SARS pandemic in 2002, and all that has finally paid off. Thanks to the efforts of companies like Pfizer and Moderna, the people of Clay County have hope that the vaccine will be effective. The fact the world has found a way to push back and defeat this pandemic from China is a major source of relief. Hopefully, by the end of 2021, we will be able to refer to the coronavirus in the past tense.

The Clay County Agriculture Fair

With a lot of support from the Clay County Emergency Management and the Clay County Health Department, the Clay County Agriculture Fair will finally return on the 1st of April for an 11-day run. Not only is the Agriculture Fair one of the most significant economic engines in the county, but it is also the annual event that brings the whole community together for a night of amusement rides, funnel cakes and concerts. The general manager of the Clay County Agriculture Fair Tasha Hyder said there are no plans to invoke restrictions as of yet. With the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, there is absolutely no reason not to buy your tickets now.

Agriculture Fair

Good Law Enforcement

The actions of the Metro Nashville Police Department on the morning of Christmas day are the very reason why they should be respected and appreciated for their dedication to law enforcement. Six officers went door to door evacuating people from a suicide bombing site. They were able to get all the people to run to safety, but they ran towards it. Police officers are often not thanked for their services and are criticized while in reality, their work in Clay County is vital to the safety and civility of the people.

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